For John Olavarria, the face is the ultimate canvas. The legendary make-up artist, known in the industry as John O, has painted the faces of high-profile celebrities as diverse in stature as Bill Clinton and Kate Moss. 

As a New York City native, John O had his sights set high. His first step toward fashion fame came as an illustrator. After several years of sketching designs for top fashion houses, he lay down his pencil and embraced the brush. Since then, he has built an impressive array of clients and continues to be the artist of choice for many of the top magazines and fashion designers.  

After mastering makeup and hair styling, John O tested the waters of full-service bridal stylist and found great enthusiasm for his work. In 2009, he opened his atelier—a service designed to provide custom looks for brides. From the dress to the shoes to the perfume, John O makes each bride her own fantasy. His work is soft, subtle, and supreme.

John O provides an entire lifestyle. Whether styling the bride, the bridesmaids, or a woman going to a party, John O knows style. 

A bride is immortalized in picture albums and videos, framed on mantles and bedside tables. For this reason, perfection is essential. Every bride should have the dress they dreamed of and jewelry to match. From the rehearsal dinner to the vows, John O caters to the individual and brings out the inherent beauty of a bride in love.  

There are hair stylists, make up artists, and wedding planners. And then there is John O. His approach is unlike any other designer. With a subtle fusion between the artist and the bride, John O finds, imagines, and ultimately creates a real response to a dream. The outcome is perfection: looks are tried, altered, and refined until the collaboration elicits an aha! from both bride and designer.